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Tucana Natural (Oiled) (LBBNL or LBBOil)
Light Brown Bronze Oiled


Oiled Light bronze is a subtle metal finish specified to achive a sense of sophistication, humble oppulence and beauty. Tucana has been used outdoors, in contemporary houses as well as in restoration and heritage buildings. Electroplating a simple 100mm aluminiumf lat bar with Tucana natural oiled finish results in brilliant skirting, architraves and joinery details.

Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Often specified for handrails, joinery details, furniture, skirting, tapware, signage, lighting components
McKell Building handrails, Sydney Ritz Carlton lighting Lasercut screens, Toorak house  
Gloss lacquered Satin lacuqered Brushed Vintage Burnished Polished

OTHER VARIATIONS FOR Tucana Natural (Oiled)

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