Great Southern Rail has announced their plan to launch their stunning new restaurant cars for the Indian Pacific and The Ghan trains. The design is sleek, classic and quintessentially Australian. Some of the most prominent design features are the brass finishes. Finishes that we are incredibly proud to announce were the handy-work of our talented Astor Metal Finishes team.

Great Southern Rail partnered with design firm Woods Bagot to create a luxurious alternative for their platinum customers. The new Platinum Club was designed to complement the distinctive nature of our harsh and awe-inspiring outback.

Among the design features are timber flooring, granite tabletops, leather and banquette lounge seating all in tones such as sepia, moss and ash. To top that all off, much of the metal has been finished with a gorgeous clean brass. The designer described the use of the brass as

“crafted brass detailing to reflect the classic age of transcontinental travel.”

We finished new and old fittings and edges with the brass. We even had the fun of finishing the unique “train track” ceiling feature that hides the air conditioning vents. This is just one of the many metal finishes we offer. The finishes section on our website has some images that can give you an idea what they are.

There are four new Platinum Club carriages and Astor has been involved in the refurbishing of all four. Even the bar has a touch of brass, jazzing up the glassware.

Each carriage seats 30 people in the dining area and an additional 20 on the lounges, which look like they have been lifted directly out of a lavish period drama. The Platinum Club will be available for booking from April 1 2016. No joke!

The experience is a really authentic Australian journey. The food is regional cuisine and served beautifully. The view is breathtaking and carriage now has a distinctly Australian feel too. Not to mention, most of it was all done here in Australia. Great Southern Rail has even partnered with RM Williams to give the staff a truly outback, country look and have designed their new uniforms. Not forgetting the distinctive Akubra hat. If you’re looking for an Australian luxury escape this winter, make the journey the destination with Great Southern Rail.

We are thrilled to have been a part of their new look. We can be a part of your new look too. Nothing is too big or too small – we can turn your shabby old metal into something new, gorgeous and utterly personalised. No matter if you are looking to spruik up your kitchen or even give your baby’s high chair something special, Astor Metal Finishes can help you.

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can put the finishing touches for your new look.

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