When you have chosen your desired metal finish one more things to consider is how that finish behaves over time.  Lacquered finishes  can be gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matt and provides stability to the metal or plated metal. This means they will not change over time. However leaving your metals natural (unlacquered) can bring unique life to your design.

With its sleek durability and ability to shine without polish, is one metal that does not need a coat of lacquer and does not tarnish or oxidise.

Astor’s gold-plating is very pure and as such very soft, thus 99% of project and products are coated with a clear lacquer.

Unlacquered finishes are often referred to as “LIVING” “NATURAL” or “ORGANIC” and the beauty is that they will show their natural properties as described below for each metal;


For our other electroplated metal finishes, the elements and handling can provide wonderful effects and great character and living personality, great for aesthetics, honouring a metal and its’ natural behaviour while showing its wear & tear and handling, telling a story.

Some of these changes that will happen as the metals are exposed include;

NICKEL can turn a slightly softer yellow shade when oxidised. Nickel was the original Art Deco plated finish and provides the corrosion resistance and brightness for all decorative electroplated finishes. It is much softer in terms of its aesthetic appearance than that of chrome and provides a sense of luxe. Over time can be polished and cleaned up to restore brightness.

BRASS & COPPERS are highly reactive to environmental elements, they can tarnish to browner shades and verdi gris when salt is allowed to settle on the surface.

AGED BRASSES & COPPERS are achieved by an accelerated aging chemical process. (If you cant wait years for the finish to age naturally that is). These finishes (such as https://astormetalfinishes.com/finishes/centauri-natural/ and https://astormetalfinishes.com/finishes/arcturus-mbboil/  where rubbed and handled, will lighten the patina gradulally to show more of the base metal. The natural oil in our hands also offers protection to the metal, removing patina, removing dust which results in brighter base metal showing and more sheen Where not touched and left to age naturally, the finish will dullen and darken.



When you think about other materials that have aged and improve with age; they evoke comfort, history and value. This includes timber, leather, stone & marbles. These materials are often associated with prestige buildings and products giving a sense of timelessness. When you choose unlacquered finishes, you are choosing to add life & history to your design.


For more stable consistent finishes , consider a lacquer.  Astor bake on a clear 2 pac which sustains the look and style without tarnishing or changing. The metal finishes will not age with the same fervour and will remain same in appearance.

Astor offer all types of lacquers, varying in gloss level and also with options for custom tints.

So if a  natural changing fishing s not for your current project, we’ve got you covered




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