A project that reinforced the importance of arts and culture for this South Australian capital. First of all the redevelopment of existing facilities took 3 years to complete. Designed as a masterplan to link the entire entertainment area of Adelaide. Additionally, the design is elegant and world class. Finishes are luxe, featured throughout the lobbies, theatres and bars & restaurants. Plush red carpet contrasts the Astor aged brass, travertine and a restrained detailing.

Astor delivered a mid-tone aged brass to various aluminium and stainless substrates. Main features include joinery, skirting, signage, furniture and hardware. Above all is a contemporary yet very elegant result. Over time the aged brass will wear & tear naturally due to natural ageing, consequently it will be reminiscent of stately buildings not dissimilar to some Sydney Opera House finishes.

Furthermore, find project details at https://www.hassellstudio.com/projects/all & https://architectureau.com/articles/new-vision-for-australias-first-performing-arts-centre-unveiled/

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