So maybe, just maybe (definitely) this name is sexist but as it was coined in the Astor history files circa 1984 around the time LC Torana’s became collectors items.

While sometimes this area of work is just “things” or “components”  which we strip polish and electroplate, very often these are still very much considered project work.

TRANSPORT does not stop at cars and motorbikes and all their categories, but also scooters, buggies, trucks, trains, horse carriages (incl for “Her Majesty QE”, (and do horse shoes count?) . Since 1954, Astor have worked on hundreds of Rolls Royce vehicles: wedding cars, collectors, restorers, personal, even 2 or 3 for Raffles Singapore. We have worked on train carriages – including the Indo Pacific and are proud to be associated with Daimler-Chrylser and many other car clubs.

WHEELS: We are proud to have finished hundreds of Simmons 3 piece wheels in gold, chrome and copper and some two tone.  For one piece, spoked and other car wheels, send a few photos to Can Astor finish my wheels?