Astor completed over 90 various lengths of wide aluminium strips. Furthermore, all joinery work was completed in a speedy 8 days. Everything was delivered to site for an overnight installation. We worked with a great project manager from Blue Building Maintenance in Melbourne.

The finish selected was TUCUNA NATURAL. A light bronze metal with a natural oiled finish. The process of going from basic aluminium to pristine aged bronze includes polishing the original surface. This removed scratches and any markings to create a clean smooth surface. Consequently the surfaces are then nickel plated followed by heavy brass plating. Finally patina (ageing) on the brass occurs. To complete the metal finish an oil is rubbed as the top coat.

Most noteworthy of this project is that the base metal is just ordinary (yes somewhat cheap) aluminium. As a result of the finishing process, the end product is one that will last and behave as brass. This includes dullening and tarnishing naturally.

For this reason Tucana Natural is the perfect finish for the unique location of the grand and historical Central Station in Sydney. Maybe you’ll find yourself stepping back in time amongst amazing upholstery on traditional curved booth seating.

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