Coogee Promenade was an exciting project for Randwick City Council, its residents as well as for Astor. The project, designed by Brewster Hjorth, gave Astor the chance to illustrate their capacity for large components and a large scope within a single project. Project brief called for a greater sense of place and heritage to a very active and popular beachfront as well as providing functional needs of much improved facilities to beach-goers and surf life savers.

The finish selected after sampling & testing was ARCTURUS NATURAL 

The photos show the progress from stainless and aluminium components, to brass plating, the subsequent patination of the brass, installation and the ongoing natural changes to the finish in the harsh environment. Verdi gris adds to the sense of permanence and heritage – this new addition to the beach does not look out of place or an afterthought but very much part of the builtscape.

Stainless steel large sub-frames provided the strength needed and the aluminium slats provided the lightness required for the motorized tilt up access doors.  The electroplated finish provides the desired aesthetic. Brilliant design, construction and finishing!