Electroplated metal finishes have always been a part of the mass production of furniture and furniture components since the 1920s when Le Corbusier and Breuer designed tubular furniture suitable for chrome plating.  Todays electroplating improvements to efficiency in production have seen other finishes come to market. both unique one-offs or project quantities where powdercoating and chrome finishes do not offer the level pf prestige that your project or product deserves.

We can make your old pieces appear new. Choose a new look and feel for your room, without having to spend huge on a whole new set of furniture. Give your classic pieces a modern twist with a stunning new metal finish. Clever specifiers often find chrome plated items from overseas which we can efficiently strip and refinish.


  • Custom bespoke furniture
  • Frames
  • Chair bases
  • New furniture
  • Restoration of older and iconic designs  – eg Bertoias, Wassily Chairs,

We often see the ‘greats’ the ‘classics’ looking a little too classic so Wassily’s, Platners, Le Corbs, Brno’s are sent to Astor for a revamp.

These beauties are often seen around our factory between project work and Bentley bumper bars and lighting components.

Customising existing furniture; clever designers are sending us standard chrome items for a face lift to bronzes & black nickels

List of clients in this application include;

Wilkhahn http://www.wilkhahn.com/en/asia-pacific/

Thinking Ergonomics http://www.thinking.info/

Vampt http://vamptvintagedesign.com/

Koskela http://www.thinking.info/

Stylecraft http://stylecraft.com.au/

Products For People http://www.p4.design/

Fanuli https://www.fanuli.com.au/

King Living www.kingliving.com,au

Charles Wilson  http://charleswilsondesign.com/

Cavit & Co http://www.cavitco.com.au/home.asp