While this colloquial term “Boys Toys” is clearly not in line with #MeToo it does however line up with the majority of those customers we see every day who are wishing to have some valuable metal components stripped, polished and electroplated for their preferred super stylin’ mode of transport; These include yachts, power boats, motorcycles, new cars, vintage cars, classic cars and show trucks and everything in between.   Apart from zinc die cast alloys, we can finish and refinish all metals including aluminium, stainless, brass, bronze, copper and mild steel.

Given our expertise in finishing aluminium, the demand for our polishing & plating services has steadily increased for polishing and gold and copper-plating of new Harley Davidsons.

We have the capacity to copper, nickel, chrome, black nickel and gold plate.

We have the capacity to strip other plating, paints, zinc and powdercoating.  Bare metal is required in order to mirror polish and electroplate so stripping is often the first step.

Polishing the base metal is the next process on the way to beautiful metal. Most commonly this is mirror polishing although can also be brushed if preferred finish is a brushed or antique finish.

We also have the advantage of being able to offer copper plating (under the nickel, gold or chrome) to assist with thin or corroded metal.