Whether you have detailed up large scale metal panelling, or a layout of smaller patterned metal panels,, laser cut panels or perforated panels for your project – the finish is. Effective panelling can be the perfect way to complement your overall design. With thoughtful use of colour and shine, you can give your interior a chic finish.

Panelling may be interior or exterior and may be column cladding or wrapped panels to cupboards, doors, lifts, rangehoods. For formed, folded or welded panels, electroplating can disguise fabrication marks and does not result in colour variations at joins (unlike anodising over welded aluminium or patina over a braised brass join)

Panels may be any thickness, curved, perforated or mesh panels of any base metal. For larger panels we will often recommend the use of 1.2 – 1.6mm stainless – just ask our advice and we will help you get the best result for your application.

Operable walls, previously limited by weight, can now have the desired metal finishes of gold and brass and mirror metal finishes for example to make astonishing spaces with great impact on projects.