So now you have selected/ specified your brass / bronze finish, what is the best base metal to use. While there is no straight answer to this, below are some guidelines, attached pdf more specific to applications and you can always ask us on your particular project or product.

In short, Astor can finish any metal so one project may have several different base metals, yet all have the same real metal finish. We would brass-plate aluminium, stainless, copper, bronze and mild steel. We also finish brass which includes stripping, variations to polishing, patina and various topcoats.


Perhaps look at when & why NOT to use brass for the base metal;

A general rule might might be avoid brass as a base metal if seeking strong metal, thick panels, welded items, welded frames and particularly when the design requires different profiles. Brass is milled with different alloys which result in different brass colours. Thicker profiles are different to thinner profiles and channels are different to tube and thin panels for example.

LARGE FOLDED PANELS – almost always these are best specified as 1.2mm stainless whether they are façade panels, cupboard & drawer fronts, rangehoods. Also often supplied as 3mm aluminium if seeking curved or rigidity or some thickness in say a perforated/ lasercut panel.

WELDED 3D &/OR STRUCTURAL FRAMES – vanity frames, overhead shelving, doors with integrated handles, furniture frames, shower screen frames

DECORATIVE TRIMS –  almost always aluminium. So many profiles are readily available, economical, easy to cut, with square edges and of course lightweight. Particularly ideal for thicker >3-10mm profiles and panels where brass would be too heavy, difficult to source and expensive. Table edge strips in harsh wear should consider unlacquered finish and brass base metal.

WELDED MIRROR FRAMES – almost always aluminium. Easy to curve, can be welded before finishing (don’t worry plating covers over welds, unlike anodising which discolours at welds. There are so many profiles & thickness available and lightweight.

BENCHTOPS, STAIR TREADS, FLOOR TRANSITIONS – brass base metal and be sure to specify unlacquered finish in these applications.