Handling of Oiled Finishes

Ageing is a very delicate process. Immediately following the ageing process, the finish can be soft and often less robust. As the oil settles and is absorbed into the plating over time, the finish will become more stable. Until this time it is important that you handle the product with care.

  • Package with blankets to prevent rubbing
  • After installation rub over lightly with a lightly oiled soft cloth to remove fingerprints
  • Do NOT leave in plastic packaging as the product will swear which will cause the process to become inconsistent

Handling of lacquered finishes

Lacquered finishes are generally soft and decorative – therefore they do NOT have the same strength of other finishes. We recommend that you install your lacquered piece after other trades (e.g. painting, plasterboards and tiling) are complete.

  • Do NOT use masking tape or solvents to tape off areas
  • Wipe over with soft cloth and always handle with care