Astor strive to achieve highest quality possible. We undertake the difficult & complex items many others could not or would not even attempt.

Quality Control: We have quality control and inspections at each stage of the many finishing processes required to achieve our finishes and Astor are proud to employ the best technical operators.

Limitations & Expectations: It is important to understand that there are limitations with electroplating, particularly with plating & metal finishing which involves;
Short runs of “prototype/ bespoke components
Stripping and re-finishing
Brass-plating is an alloy of two metals which is the hardest technically
Complex frames or welded components
Large format flat or folded panels
Patina/ Aging of brasses and coppers (solid or plated)
The more of above listed points involved, the more realistically likely it is that there will be minor imperfections such as slight variations in the level of sheen to satin & matt lacquers, variations in aged finishes, possible minor colour variations of brass and gold.

To help achieve your level of expectation, we have many online articles to help guide you to work within the capacities of plating such as ASTOR PLATING CAPACITIES  &  DESIGN TO SUIT PLATING. If in doubt send photos or clear shop drawings of components for assessment before fabrication. If the finish quality does not meet expectations, Astor will assess if reworking is understandable & reasonable and most importantly if we can get a better result. We will consider normal process capabilities of our industry fair and reasonably before reworking. If your project requires above standard results, please advise at time of inquiry, quote and before placing or confirming an order so we can manage and meet your expectations.
For projects or products where the finish required exceeds normal process capabilities, and not requested in writing before commencing, we will assess and advise cost involved before refinishing.

Some of our finishes are soft decorative electroplated finishes and many are not suited for harsh wear & tear and must be handled as such in freight, installation and throughout its life.

Handling of Aged Oiled finishes
Immediately after aging, the finish is soft and likely to be less robust. Overtime the oil/wax settles and absorbs into the brass plating, as does the aging chemical & patina – when the finish will then become more stable. Until this time, handle with care, package to prevent rubbing, and after installation, rub over lightly with a lightly oiled soft cloth to remove fingerprints. Do not leave in plastic packaging as will sweat causing accelerated & inconsistent tarnishing. Do not use tapes as some can remove the patina. To remove oil from the patina (after installation) wipe over with soft cloth & thinner.

Handling of Lacquered Finishes during installation
Do not use masking tape or solvents to tape off areas. These are soft decorative metal finishes which should be handled as such and preferably installed after other trades – such as paint, plasterboard & tiling. Wipe over with soft cloth and handle carefully.

Note there are some items, shapes and base metals which are not suitable for electroplating. Please view here for a better understanding.