warm hued distillery

Every time we think it’s over, that biting cold wind rears its icy head. Winter always seems to last longer than we anticipate, even though it does pretty much the same thing every year. We may not be able to bring on the summer any quicker, but we can help you heat up your interiors with some hot uses for warm metals.

warm hued distillery

What do we mean by warm?

For those designers out there, you know what we’re talking about. When we talk about warm metals, we are talking about the soft hue of the sun. When it comes to finishing, the metals that give a warm finish are gold, copper, brass and bronze.

With a flicker of one of these metals you can bring warmth to your shopfront, a softness to your bathroom or a bit of heat to your living room. Let’s take a look at these metals and explore how you might use each metal.

Centauri_dining table

Go for Gold

For a comprehensive examination of gold and it’s many uses throughout history, have a read of our previous story, AU, Read this story – It’s Gold. Gold, because of its value, has always had the air of exclusivity. It’s consistently stunning, classic and regal and for a long time unavoidably expensive.

Our exceptional plating and operational efficiencies have meant we can now offer 24Kt gold plating for commercial, retail and residential projects.

Add a little piece of luxury to your design with gold plated signage or put a little bling in your home with a gold plated light fitting.

If your choice is gold, these are the choices you have:

  • Capricornis – brushed gold + gloss clear
  • Pegasi – brushed gold + satin clear

gold plated wheels

Kiss my Brass

Sticking with the similar yellow tones we come to brass. Brass is an extraordinarily affordable metal at the same time it looks incredible. If you’re interested in a little history of this fine metal, read our story Traditions to Trends: You’ve either got or you haven’t got Brass.

Brass can be and has been used in some of the most interesting designs. From sleek shopfront designs to luxury train carriages, brass can chic up any space.

If brass is the direction you choose, these are your options

  • Alrisha – polished brass + clear gloss
  • Pictor – brushed brass + clear satin
  • Eridani – brushed brass + clear gloss
  • Auriga – polish nickel brass lacquer
  • Arietis – antique brass + clear gloss
  • Alrisha
  • Alhena – antique brass + clear satin

Copper it

Copper is a wonderfully warm rose shade. Throughout history, its many iterations and alloys have had hundreds of thousands of pivotal roles. While bronze is possibly copper’s most famous alloy, it is by no means the only one.

If you are considering choosing copper for your finish, read our article, Why choose copper-plating over real copper?. Copper is that finish that can hide discolouration and add consistency to your design.

If copper is your design choice, these are your options

  • Bootis Natural – oiled aged copper
  • Bootis – aged copper + clear gloss
  • Gemini – aged copper + clear satin
  • Cepheus – brushed copper + clear gloss
  • Crucis – florentine bronze clear satin
  • Perseus – florentine bronze clear gloss
  • Virginis – polished copper and clear gloss

It’s a Bronze age

This alloy is the most extraordinary of the warm metals. Its role in the history of civilisation is mind-blowing. The oldest bronze dates all the way back to 4500BC in the form of an axe head. Throughout the ages, bronze has been used in jewellery, armour, weaponry, art, design and even musical instruments. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming article on bronze and its pivotal role in civilisation.

The brown bronzes are so adaptable that it can be used as the flourish that finishes your room off or the feature piece to set off your design.

If bronze is your cup of teas, your options are below

  • Centauri Natural – oiled dark brown bronze
  • Alpheratz – dark brown bronze + clear gloss
  • Apodis – light brown bronze + clear gloss
  • Arcturus Oiled – oiled medium brown bronze
  • Arcturus – medium brown bronze clear satin
  • Centauri – dark brown bronze clear satin
  • Delphinus – brown bronze clear gloss
  • Tucana Natural (oiled) – light brown bronze oiled
  • Tucana – light brown bronze matte lacquer

Keep warm all year round

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Whatever your taste, whatever your style, warm metals are gorgeous, stylish and timeless. Get in touch with us now to have a chat about how we can add warmth to your design.

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