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Procyon Natural (SBNNL)
Satin Pearl Black Nickel Oiled


Procyon Natural is a living, changing finish in a dull black which offers corrosion resistance to the base metal. The black nickel is electroplated over a pearl nickel with a powdery finish, giving it a pearl, satellite finish as opposed to the more reflective nickel used or other finishes. For the desire to have blackened metal in a project, Procyon is much more durable than Black Oxide.

When specified without a lacquer, the pearlescent lustre is much more evident that the lacquered variations of this finish. Over time, the finish dullens and changes naturally, showing handling marks and also the tarnishing of the nickel which is a slight change in colour.

If parts are handled oil marks will be visible which gives a sense of movement to the finish. Fingerprints are easily wiped with a soft damp cloth. To prevent fingerprints, the parts can be finished with a clear satin 2 pac baked through oven resulting in a flatter finish (refer PROCYON)


Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Often specified for retail, handrails, doorware, furniture, lighting, tapware.If the base metal is stainless, this finish is suitable for external use.
  • The Greenhouse bar and restaurant, Manly
  • Linear stainless grates
  • With gloss or satin lacquer ’
  • Linished underneath Black Nickel
  • Roughened, scotch-brite and other manual processes to distress/ burnish the finish
  • Light brush polish after plating
  • Various base metal textures can greatly influence the final result. LAst few images below show rough vs smooth stainless base metal


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