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Procyon (SBN)
Satin Pearl Black Nickel


Procyon can be an elegant or industrial finish to project detailing. The black nickel is electroplated over a pearl nickel with a powdery finish, giving it a pearl, satellite finish as opposed to the more reflective nickel used or other finishes. For the desire to have blackened metal in a project, Procyon is much more durable than Black Oxide. Without lacquer has more sheen and lustre to the finish. If parts are handled oil marks will be visible which gives a sense of movement to the finish. Fingerprints are easily wiped with a soft damp cloth. To prevent fingerprints, the parts can be finished with a clear satin 2 pac baked through oven resulting in a flatter finish.

Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Often specified for retail, handrails, doorware, furniture, lighting, tapware
  • Mecca Cosmetica, Australia
  • The Star Casino, Sydney NSW
  • Parmelia Hilton, Perth WA
  • Sarah Davison residential custom furniture
  • Bankstown Sports Club, NSW
  • Without lacquer for more natural look, more ‘movement’
  • Linished underneath Black Nickel
  • Satin Pearl Silver Nickel
  • Satin Pearl Chrome
  • Satin Pearl Brass
  • Satin Pearl Copper
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