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Tucana Natural (Oiled) (LBBNL or LBBOil)
Light Brown Bronze Oiled


Oiled light bronze Tucana. A subtle metal finish designed to achieve a sense of sophistication, humble opulence and beauty. Tucana natural can be used outdoors, in contemporary residential houses, as well as in beautiful restoration and heritage buildings. Electroplating a simple 100mm aluminium flat bar with Tucana natural oiled finish results in brilliant skirting, architraves and joinery details.

Dress up a basic metal into something beautiful.

Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Therefore it is regularly specified for handrails, joinery details, furniture, skirting, tapware, signage and lighting components.
  • McKell Building handrails, Sydney
  • Ritz Carlton lighting
  • Laser cut screens, Toorak house Melbourne
  • Eternity Cafe Central Station, Sydney
  • Gloss lacquered
  • Satin lacquered (see "Tucuna")
  • Brushed
  • Vintage
  • Burnished
  • Polished

OTHER VARIATIONS FOR Tucana Natural (Oiled)

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