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Volans (BO)


What was originally considered to be an industrial finish, leading designers and architects have specified Astor to help deliver projects where Black Oxide has been teamed with luxe fabrics, marbles, leathers & finely finished timbers for high end residential and hospitality projects. This treatment of mild steel is also known as “Blackening” of mild steel.

This is decorative specialist mild steel finish also known as Blackened mild steel which offers very minimal corrosion protection (it will RUST!). It is a chemical based blackening of steel at room temperature which can only be applied to mild steel. The metal needs to be rust and mill scale free before application. Steps are: typically; degreaser, water rinse, conditioner, water rinse, dip in blackening solution, water rinse, dewatering oil and then air dried. This finish can be either specified as an oiled or with a clear 2 pac matt coating for increased durability (yet please note again if any contact with moisture will RUST).

The finish & amount of brown/ black/ grey veins depend on the mild steel supplied. Mill, fabrication marks, scratches, welds on the base metal will be visible under the finish. Black OxIde is highly likely to leave stains and oxidise over time. Pre-treatment can also include sandblasting, linishing, or orbital sanding for variations to texture. Without lacquer, (a “natural” or “living” finish) it can be maintained with oil for longer lasting; the oil from use, abrasion and wear will limit rust forming on outer skin.

Can be applied to mild steel only Maximum capacities: 1500 x 700 x 100mm Please refer to PROCYON for a superior substitute with greater capacities. This finish can be plated onto unpolished mild steel can have very similar appearance to Black Oxide.
  • The Fat Duck, Melbourne
  • Mejico Restaurant, Pitt Street Sydney
  • Rockpool Bar & Grill, Hunter Street
  • Harris Farm Bondi
  • Parmelia Restaurant, Hilton Perth
  • Zimmerman
  • Coach
  • Camilla & Marc retail fixtures
  • Cue Clothing
  • Available with or without lacquer
  • If no lacquer, can be sealed with lanolin or oil
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