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Centauri (DBBML)
Dark Brown Bronze Clear Satin


This stunning and elegant style is a favourite for may top design studios. Centauri is adaptable and classic and as a consequence lends itself to many applications and project types. Where flat dull brown powdercoat just won’t do, Centauri is a beautiful & sophisticated metal finish, which can be the difference between a typical fit out and an exquisite design. Bronze plating is readily available to otherwise dull metals and adds great value to the overall durability and appearance.


Dark Brown Bronze is the ageing of heavy brass plating and can be either a chocolate brown or black brown finish or a combination of both. Refer to Brown Bronze Specification guide for specific colour range. 


Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Often specified for doorware, handrails, retail fittings, signage, furniture, tapware.

Park Hyatt Bunda Hare & Klein residential projects Felix Restaurant Blacktown Showground Parisi Cafe, QVB Burberry Pierre Hadid Salons Residential doorware & tapware Crown Casino, Melbourne Dolci Firme shoe stores, Melbourne Chifley Building signage, Sydney
Gloss Clearcoat (refer “Alpheratz”) Unlacquered/ oiled or waxed finish Can be specified as       #4 (Dark Brown) or       #5 (Black brown) #6 (Iron Charcoal) Burnished for more uneven patchy finish


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