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Pavonis (PGGL)
Polished Gold + Clear Gloss


Astor gold-plating is very pure, often finished with a gloss clearcoat to maintain integrity of the finish for longer. Our efficient plating process has allowed cheap dull metals to become reflective, beautiful, valuable and long lasting while also being economical for small or large projects. Gold does not tarnish, like brass, which allows a consistent colour finish and brightness particularly in this variations with a highly polished surface under the gold. Astor can proudly boast the larges gold plating capacities in Australia and our work ranges from small trophies to large format panels.

Astor can electroplate gold any metal substrate, including aluminium, brass, mild steel or stainless steel. Often specified for bathroom, kitchen and marine hardware as gold does not tarnish like brass does. Other applications include joinery strips & detailing, furniture, panels, screens, door hardware, lighting, signage, automotive, motorcycle and marine components. For large panels, best to supply to Astor as Mirror Stainless and please refer to capacities and check with our team on suitability before fabrication.
  • Gucci retail fittings
  • Willow retail fitout
  • Custom cars & motorcycles
  • Boomerang, Yacht, Maritime Heritage Fleet
  • TV Week Logies
  • Golden Slipper trophy
  • The Star Sydney Casino
  • Crown Casinos, Melbourne & Perth
  • Sky City Casino, Adelaide
  • Variations to polishing under the gold plating
  • Custom tinted lacquers (cinnamon/ pink)


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