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Arietis (ABGL)
Antique Brass + Clear Gloss


Antique Brass is a combination of brass & black nickel electroplating. The result is brass under a black brushline. Depending on the profile of components being finished; this finish results with dark in recesses and brass to highlights. To prevent tarnishing, the parts are then finished with a clear 2 pac baked through oven.

Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Often specified for doorware, handrails, retail fittings and signage. Part of the process to attain this finish is known as reliving which is a manual scotchbrite brush polish after plating. On large format panels and complex shapes, this brush polishing process will result in limitations to consistency.For complex welded frames & panels (including rangehoods) areas which are hard to access will also show the variation of manual process. These may include an often desired darkness in recesses and hard to access areas adjacent to welds. For 3D profiles, darkening in recesses and highlights to the highpoints or corners are all bespoke variations typical of this and other "Antique" and "Aged" finishes.
  • Beach Haus, Potts Point NSW by Caroline Choker
  • Brendan Wong Furniture range
  • UGG Australia, King Street & QVB – semi-gloss by Coma Design
  • Mr Moustache, Bondi NSW
  • Rolex, Martin Place NSW
  • Customised Lighter or darker shades
  • Satin Clear lacquer
  • Semi-Gloss Lacquer
  • See Brown Bronze range for more uneven burnished colour variations
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