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Pegasi Pale (SGSL PALE)
Brushed PALE Gold + Satin Clear


A preferred finish for Chloe and prestigious brands seeking elegant subtleness, Brushed Champagne Satin is opulent & unique without being ‘flashy’ and sits beautifully with dark timbers and pale off form concrete. 24Kt Gold does not tarnish as brass does so is suitable for inside showers and steam rooms without worry of any long term tarnishing.

Can be applied to any base metal including stainless, mild steel, brass and aluminium. Applications include all architectural detailing; doorware, tapware, handrails and lift panels, joinery detailing, signage and furniture. Part of the process to attain this finish includes scotchbrite to the nickel plating under the gold. On large format panels and complex shapes, this brush polishing process will result in limitations to consistency so heed the advice of our team and for larger panels use #4 brushed satin stainless to achieve hairline Champagne on cupboard fronts, drawer fronts, lift panels and doors and large complex welded 3D frames.
Mirror Champagne Pavonis PaleBrushed Gloss Champagne Capricornis Pale


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