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Alrisha (PBGL)
Polished Brass + Clear Gloss


Alrisha, Polished Brass finish is prepared with a mirror polish, followed by nickel-plating and then brass plated resulting in highly reflective, bright gold like appearance. The gloss clearcoat maintains the finish to control tarnishing.

Can be applied to any metal substrate including stainless steel, mild steel,aluminium and other alloys. Often used for archiectural hardware, sigange, balustrades, screens where a sense of luxe and standout is desired.
Queenspark Retail stores The Ivy, Merivale Bankstown Sportsclub Macau Casino, Hong Kong The Oaks, Neutral Bay
Brushed Brass (see "Eridani" & "Pictor") Satin lacuqer (see "Serpens") Aged brasses (see "Bronzes") Antique Brasses (see "Alhena" & "Arietis") Linished or unpolished
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