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Capricornis (SGGL)
Brushed Gold + Gloss Clear


For those projects, metal item and products which are seeking a luxe precious metal finish with a little more humility than a mirror polished 24Kt Gold, Capricornis has a subtle brush grain under the gold-plating to reduce reflectivity yet finished with a clear gloss to ensure this prestigious metal finsih will stand out next to timber, paint, fabrics and other materials.

With the added benefit of a tarnish-metal so if the lacquer is ever damaged, you can be assured the gold will not tarnish as brass does. This is often the reason for gold plating in bathrooms and marine hardware.

Astor can brush, polish and gold plate any metal. This includes aluminium, stainless steel, brass and mild steel. Please refer to production capacities when designing large format frames, flat or folded panels, balustrades & handrails.Part of the process to attain this finish includes scotchbrite to the nickel plating under the gold. On large format panels and complex shapes, this brush polishing process will result in limitations to consistency.Other applications include all architectural detailing; doorware, tapware, handrails and lift panels, joinery detailing, signage and furniture. Astor gold plating is very pure and as a result very soft so 90% of projects are finished with a clear 2 pac lacquer.


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