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Pictor (SBML)
Brushed Brass + Clear Satin


Pictor is Brushed Brass with a satin clearcoat, which is a lovely pale matte gold. The brush strokes are visible under the lacquer.  This distinctive style can be fantastically showcased when combined with darker satin bronzes, timbers and stone. Pictor finishes are often used to highlight metal joinery details and fixtures without the reflectivity of typical brasses.

Can be applied to any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless steel & mild steel. Often specified for doorware, handrails, retail fittings, signage, furniture, retail & shop fitting joinery. Part of the process to attain this finish includes manual scotchbrite brush polishing the brass. On large format panels and complex shapes, this brush polishing process will result in limitations to consistency.
  • Aesop, Chatswood NSW and Melbourne VIC
  • Cerrone, Martin Place
  • Macau Casino, Hong Kong
  • 80 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill
  • Gloss Clearcoat (refer “Eridani”)
  • Unlacquered/ oil finish
  • Aged (refer Brown Bronze range)


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