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Borealis (BNGL)
Brushed Nickel + Clear Gloss


Nickel is often the basis for all decorative plated finishes, offering brightness & durability. Borealis offers both of these characteristics but being a brushed finish it offers roughened direction to the surface. Further to this it offers a dull, satin-like sheen whilst still maintaining a beautiful illuminating vibrance. When comparing the colours and tones of brushed nickel to stainless steel it is known that a stainless finish may appear slightly more blue than the subtle warmer tone that might be detected in brushed nickel. Like Antares, this finish was part of the original Art Deco finish, until the more difficult chrome plating was perfected. Originally the production of brushed nickel gave the metal a more handcrafted appearance, with silver hues complementing any decor style.

The functionality of brushed nickel is also similar to a stainless steel. Brushed nickel is often used for various fixtures and fittings as it looks classic, clean and modern without the price tag of stainless steel.

Any metal substrate can be finished with Borealis. Brushed nickel is often used for doorware, tapware, skirting, joinery details, shower surrounds, handrails, signage and furniture.
  • Thinking Works, NSW
  • Hughes Commercial Furniture, NSW
  • Stylecraft furniture, NSW
Brushed nickel includes a clear gloss lacquer


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