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Australis (BNML)
Brushed Nickel + Satin Clear


Australis is a brushed nickel metal with a satin clear lacquer finish. It is a suitable treatment finish to any metal substrate. Often quite alluring in appearance, this gorgeous metal has the elegance of its more extolled big brother silver, with a huge number of uses and benefits. On top of all that, this wondrous metal can be electroplated to your metal pieces to add style and protection, even to the most fascinating products.

Features of Ausralis include characteristics of being malleable, resists corrosion from elements, strong and holds magnetic qualities.

Can be applied to any metal substrate including aluminium, brass, stainless steel and mild steel. Often specified on doorware, tapware, balustrades and lighting.
Residential project @ 518 McPherson Street, Bronte NSW
Satin clear lacquer


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