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Pegasi (SGSL)
Brushed Gold + Satin Clear


Brushed Gold is a beautiful luxe finish, with the brushed hairline pattern under the gold plating, has a subtle elegance to achieve the level of prestige your project deserves.

We have seen Brushed Gold paired with a wide range of adjacent finishes from timbers, highly polished marbles, off form concrete and navy leathers to name just a few.

Brushed gold offers the characteristics of gold in colour and non tarnishing while being more subtle in overall aesthetic.

Custom variations of this are the favourites of Italian designers such as Versace and Celine.

Can be applied to any base metal including stainless, mild steel, brass and aluminium. Applications include all architectural detailing; doorware, tapware, handrails and lift panels, joinery detailing, signage and furniture. Part of the process to attain this finish includes scotchbrite to the nickel plating under the gold. On large format panels and complex shapes, this brush polishing process will result in limitations to consistency. Astor gold plating is very pure and as a result very soft so 90% of projects are finished with a clear 2 pac lacquer.
Versace Retail stores Felix Restaurant, Ivy Siren Design, Sydney office  
Also available with custom-tints 2 pac and gloss levels



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